Born in Rockford Illinois, Nancy grew up in an Italian neighborhood with relatives living across the street and next door.  She has fond memories of her Italian family and how they cared for each other.

Later she moved to Beloit, Wisconsin finished school, married, had two children, and started a career in Human Resource Management. She enjoyed her career but had always dreamed of making mosaics.  Then fifteen years ago with a broken plate and a cement turtle she gave one a try.  Since then she has made thousands of garden mosaics.

In October 2018, Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery and radiation.  While recovering she was unable to use her glass cutter to cut glass.  Knowing she would need her art to help her recovery emotionally she researched the ancient Italian way of cutting stone with a Hammer and Hardie.  Using the Hammer and Hardie led to her new wall art creations “Earth Elements”.

Besides being a mosaic artist Nancy has been teaching the ancient practice of Qigong and Tai Chi.  She uses the five Chinese Elements in her new creations: Wood, Fire, Earth (stone). Metal and Water.  Her goal is to bring these elements into art for people’s homes and offices (residential and commercial).

Nancy’s mosaics can be seen during the summer months at the Beloit Farmer’s Market, at the Beloit Art Center and on ETSY at mayhewmosaics.  

Nancy loves custom orders and teaches several mosaic classes in Beloit and Janesville Wisconsin. Check out her list of upcoming classes.